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  • Wassily Kandinsky - Wikipedia


    Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky was a Russian painter and art theorist.
    Kandinsky is generally credited as the pioneer of abstract art. Born in Moscow ...

  • Wassily Kandinsky — 607 artworks, biography, books, quotes, articles


    Most important paintings of Kandinsky (compositions, improvisations,
    impressions ...). Biography and rare photos. Three books and list of inspiring
    quotes. Video ...

  • Wassily Kandinsky — 50 Most popular paintings


    Wassily Kandinsky. Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913 40864
    for Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913. Wassily Kandinsky.

  • Wassily Kandinsky: 100 Famous Paintings Analysis and Biography


    Russian-born Wassily Kandinsky pioneered abstract art in the late 19th and early
    20th centuries. His unique perspective on the form and function of art ...

  • Wassily Kandinsky | Biography & Facts | Britannica


    Wassily Kandinsky, Russian-born artist, one of the first creators of pure
    abstraction in modern painting. His forms evolved from fluid and organic to
    geometric and ...

  • Wassily Kandinsky | artnet


    Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian artist whose vibrant abstract paintings paved
    the way for Non-Objective Art. View Wassily Kandinsky's 3045 artworks on artnet

  • Wassily Kandinsky - 223 paintings - WikiArt.org


    The creator of the first modern abstract paintings, Wassily Kandinsky was an
    influential Russian painter and art theorist. In his youth, he studied law and ...

  • Wassily Kandinsky - 132 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy


    Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Wassily Kandinsky. An
    early champion of abstract painting, Wassily Kandinsky is known for his lyri…

  • Vasily Kandinsky - Guggenheim


    Vasily Kandinsky was born on December 16, 1866, in Moscow. From 1886
    through 1892 he studied law and economics at the University of Moscow, where
    he ...

  • Wassily Kandinsky - Lawyer, Educator, Painter - Biography


    Find out more about how Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky interpreted color
    through music and became noted as the first purely abstract artist, ...

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